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Aloha Fish Company: Charlie and Kim GilbertIn the summer of 2008, Charlie and Kim Gilbert settled in to enjoy their dream life of retirement in Hawaii. They imagined perfect Hawaiian days fishing off the deck of their twenty-eight foot boat. They saw themselves enjoying beautiful beach sunsets surrounded by friends and family. But everything changed when a snack healthy idea for a new fish-based snack food struck them during one of their coveted fishing excursions.

“Like most people these days, we’re very active and tend to grab the easiest snack. We wanted to come up with something that is healthy without a bunch of additives, that tastes great and has high protein to give you energy while on the go.”

Charlie Gilbert, founder of Aloha Fish Company

Fish-Based, High Protein Snacks are born

Our initial goal was to develop a healthy and natural fish-based snack food that didn’t require refrigeration until after being opened. We poured countless hours into our collaboration with the Oregon State University Seafood Research Labs to develop Aloha Omega Sticks. The shelf-stable snack food is rich in omega-3 and contains not only tuna, but a delicious variety of tropical fruit, making it a healthy snack food alternative for busy people on the go.

In the beginning we imagined our Aloha Omega Sticks to be ideal for camping, hiking, hunting and fishing trips. We soon realized that we had developed perfect high protein snacks for anyone who desires a quick burst of quality nutrition any time, day or night.

“They’re great for kids lunches or to keep in a briefcase or in your desk at work. Actually, they are the perfect soccer mom staple.”

Kimberly Gilbert, co founder and head of sales and marketing

At Aloha Fish Company, we only use hook and line caught sustainable wild fish from family and local fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. No farm raised fish are used.

Catch the wave to a healthy lifestyleAloha Fish Company Lives Hawaiian

In their ongoing effort to live Hawaiian, Kim and Charlie are dedicated to producing only the highest quality products while supporting the local communities of Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. A significant part of Aloha Fish Company’s mission is to help sustain independent family fisheries and businesses.

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