Omega-3 Goodness

As you probably already know, the astounding health benefits associated with Omega-3 are showing up everywhere. We’ve provided a few video examples that demonstrate just a fraction of what we call Omega-3 goodness or good news. Be sure to visit our own Omega-3 health benefits page to get a taste of the science behind Omega-3.

If your interested in learning more, we invite you to browse some of the relevant Omega-3 stories and articles located at Natural

Fish oil may slow aging of the heart

(January 22, 2010) Scientists say that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can help people with heart disease live longer. But until now, no one knew why omega-3 oils are so beneficial. Voice of America’s reporter Carol Pearson tells us about a new study that sought to find out.

Does eating fish make children smarter? BBC science

(June 29, 2007) This episode of Can Fish Make my Child Smart, investigates this theory using experiments. A class of children have been tested to see if Omega 3 oil makes any difference to their scholastic ability. Free video clip from the BBC.

Doctors endorse Fish oils!

(June 18, 2007) It is common knowledge about the benefits of fish oils, even in the medical community!

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