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Carl Hildebrandt, Scout Leader, Saginaw, MICarl Hildebrandt, Scout Leader, Saginaw, MI

“Love these things (Aloha Omega Sticks). Took them on a scouting camp-out/hike and the boys loved them. They are a good portable source of protein. Thanks.”

Brennan, Physical Fitness InstructorBrennan, Physical Fitness Instructor

“I love the Omega Sticks its the perfect pick me up in between my classes. I don’t always have time to sit down and eat a nourishing meal, but with these snacks I know I’m eating something good for me and it gives me the boost I need for my next activity.”

Lisa Johnson, gastric surgery patient Lisa Johnson, gastric surgery patient

“I recently (it will be one year next month) had gastric lap band surgery and have lost 157 lbs. Surgery patients are always looking for a HIGH protein and LOW calorie “snack” and your product fits that bill to a T! I have eaten my new order. It was gone in one day!! LOVE IT And by the way your shipping was FAST!! I will be placing another order soon! I look forward to the new flavors that you are working on. Thanks again.”

Dean Morrison, Professional SurferDean Morrison, Professional Surfer

“I love to eat them just because they taste great !!! The fact that they are so nutritious and help sustain my energy for surfing is just a Bonus.”

Caleb Krueger, hiking and outdoor enthusiastCaleb Krueger, hiking and outdoor enthusiast

“I love it- they’re light-weight, high protein, they last, and they taste good. I try to stay away from nitrates, so Omega Sticks are perfect. They fit right in the wastebelt of my hiking pack, so I can munch without skipping a single step. The sticks are more than enough to fight off hunger when there’s 12 more miles between me and dinner. I tried some with a packet of fire sauce from taco bell, and they rocked my socks. I highly recommend Aloha Omega Stick’s”

Dee Gonzolas, Phoenix, AZ Dee Gonzolas, Phoenix, AZ

“Wow, finally found a high protein, mid-day lift that’s not a shake, and taste awesome. My goal is to eat more fish anyway, so this is great. I can keep them in my gym bag and eat them when I want without worrying about a fridge.”

Roger Hall, Denver, CO Roger Hall, Denver, CO

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that we love Omega Sticks. I took them hunting with me and my only complaint is that you didn’t tell me to buy more. My hunting buddies ate them up. They are very light weight and convenient. Next time I’ll buy a case. I can’t wait to find out what your next flavor is going to be.”

Melanie Krueger, Port Orchard, WAMelanie Krueger, Port Orchard, WA

I am hypoglycemic and your product is a life saver for me. I keep them in my purse and desk at work for a quick pick me up that is high protein and doesn’t make me crash. Thank you, so much, for putting so much quality into your products!”

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