Living Hawaiian

At Aloha Fish Company we believe in living truly Hawaiian.

Aloha Fish Company's time honored practice of ho'opono ponoLiving a true Hawaiian lifestyle is based on three basic ideas. The first is pono or goodness. Pono means to be correct for everyone at all levels. The second idea is lokahi or community. Lokahi is the practice of living in harmony with everyone. And the third idea is malama or nurturing. Malama means to live with respect and stewardship for all that surrounds us.

The time honored practice of ho’opono pono is to embrace all three ideas into your daily actions for the purpose of improving your own life and the lives of others. These are the fundamental tenets of Aloha Fish Company, it’s employees and associates. We live Hawaiian not only in our hearts and minds, we also strive to incorporate them into what we do and create.

We all can learn to live Hawaiian

- Live with love, kindness and generosity in your heart and have the compassion to do something for other not as fortunate.

- Take complete responsibility for your actions and never pretend not to understand the true consequences of those actions for all involved.

- Create peace and harmony through your words and actions.

- Show a deep and abiding respect for all people and protect the sacred planet we all share.

- Wisdom is understanding that for all of us, and the planet itself, there is more than meets the eye and true solutions are always found at the source.

Aloha Fish Company's Kauai Sunset View

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